Cascade Mountain Adventures is a western Washington based outdoor adventure company specializing in outdoor activities for women by women. We are proud to be women owned and operated. Our mission is to to empower, educate, and uplift female explorers. We strive to create compelling outdoor education experiences in a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment. Our first priority is you.



The Cascade Mountain Adventures team believes in the power of outdoor adventures. Our mission is to empower women, teach essential outdoor skills, reconnect with nature, and have a great time. We belong outside.

We believe in the power of the outdoors to teach, challenge, and ground us. We believe of the power of mountain summits, campfire circles, and lakeside sunrises. We believe in the power of community and the opportunity to grow together. We believe that life should be an adventure. We believe in you.




The Cascade Mountain Adventures team has decades of experience hiking, backpacking, and exploring the great Pacific Northwest. Everything we do is rooted in a deep love of the outdoors and a desire to share this treasure. Our lives have been expanded, enriched, and grounded by our time outdoors. We believe that providing women with the skills to experience the great outdoors, and the confidence to chart their own paths, will positively influence every facet of their lives. It is a privilege to share this gift.


Our team represents years of experience leading outdoor activities, speaking at educational events, and supporting beginners in outdoor environments. We are teachers, mentors, and outdoor experts.

Our trip leaders have a minimum of ten years experience and a wealth of outdoor expertise. All trips leaders have a minimum of Wilderness First Aid Certification and Certified Leave No Trace Trainer credentials. All winter trip leaders also have AIARE (American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education) Level 1 certification.

We believe it is our responsibility to make every trip a safe, successful, educational, and fun round trip.

Small Groups

We believe that women-only small group experiences provide a unique opportunity. These environments provide a safe place to learn, share, explore, and make new friends. They are less competitive, more authentic, and more deeply meaningful. We believe that these experiences only occur when women are given the space to support each other. We welcome all women as members of our community, future friends, and sisters in outdoor adventure.

Goal Driven

All great missions start with a goal. Our goal is to make you a safe, confident, and independent outdoor adventurer. We consider it a success when our clients don't need us anymore. We would miss you - and hope you keep coming back again and again! - but take deep satisfaction in seeing women become strong and independent in their own right. Our success is your success.



Cascade Mountain Adventures was founded by Teresa Hagerty. Teresa grew up in Portland and has been happily playing in the dirt her entire lifetime. Her pursuit of outdoor adventure got serious in the mid-1990's with the addition of long distance hikes, multi-day backpacks, skiing, and a passion for mountaineering and ice climbing. She has stood on the top of Mt. Rainier, backpacked extensively, and climbed in the Himalayas. Teresa has years of experience leading women-only outdoor trips in the Pacific Northwest. This passion turned into Cascade Mountain Adventures.


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