The Ten Essentials - Introduction

It's a beautiful day to be outside. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and everyone is having a great time. We wish you many days on the trail just like this. Are you ready though if the day takes an unexpected turn?

The Ten Essentials are a list of recommended items to have in your backpack on every hike. They are there to keep you happy, well, and found. They are also there to keep you safe if anything goes sideways.

A dirt path surrounded by trees and plants.

We like to think of the Ten Essentials as a series of systems. These systems, and the items within them, are designed to keep you happy, found, and safe on your outdoor adventures. 

Stay Happy - Take Care of Yourself

1) Water 

2) Food

3) Insulating and Waterproof Layers 

4) Sun Protection - Sunscreen, Sunglasses, and Hat

Stay Found - Know Where You Are

5) Navigation Systems - Map & Compass

6) Illumination - Headlamp or Flashlight

Stay Safe - Be Prepared

7) First Aid Kit

8) Pocket Knife & Repair Kit

9) Firestarting Kit - Lighter & Fuel

10) Emergency Shelter


The Cascade Mountain Adventures encourages you to carry each and every one of these items on every outdoor adventure. We understand that this can seem a bit excessive on a beautiful day on a familiar trail. We believe though that it is important to recognize that beautiful and 'predictable' days are subject to change. 

The Ten Essentials will better prepare you with the supplies and tools you need to be ready for any situation. It is always smart to be prepared to care for yourself, your group, and others on the trail. The presence of the Ten Essentials in your backpack, and the knowledge to use them, will make you a safer and more confident outdoor adventurer.

We will be exploring each of these systems in greater depth in future blog posts. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you. See you there! 

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