What We're Wearing - Summer Hiking Edition

One of the most popular questions we receive on the trail is 'What are you wearing'? Great question! We're happy to share! 

This is the system that work for us for summer adventures. This is not meant as a list of the only things you should wear - there is a world of great gear out there! - but this is what we are wearing this season.

The items on this list were selected with the following key attributes in mind. These key elements are important for the comfort, safety, and value of all outdoor clothing.

  • Breathability: Does it wick away moisture and allow some air-flow through the fabric?
  • Quick Dry: Does it dry quickly when wet?
  • Durability: Does it hold up to dirt, rock, and plant abrasion? Will it hold up to use and washing over time? (more than one season please!)
  • Stink Factor: We like wool base layers to keep down the stink. Less ewww! 
A dirt path surrounded by trees and plants.

Starting from the top, this is what we are wearing the following for summer hiking adventures:


  • Sun Hat or Baseball Cap - Lightweight & Breathable











We hope this list helps you as you select your own outdoor adventure clothing. Happy shopping and see you on the trail!

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