Hike-a-Thon is Coming!

We love to hike. We love it even more when our hiking miles support our friends at Washington Trails Association. The annual Hike-a-Thon is where is all comes together.

Cartoon marmot wearing a hat and backpack in a green meadow

Hike-a-Thon is a month-long benefit for WTA that gives hikers the opportunity to collect donations for our organization through sponsorship. Participating hikers are sponsored per mile, per hike, or at a flat rate as they hike any named trail during the month of August. Anyone can be a sponsor! As you hike to support WTA, you'll not only protect trails across the state, you'll compete for some pretty awesome prizes.

How do you sign-up? We’re so glad you asked! Click the button below to visit our friends at Washington Trails Association to get started.

A dirt trail winds through boulders surrounded by pink wildflowers and trees.

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