Do-It-Yourself Backpacking Meals

There are many important considerations when planning a backpacking adventure. The trip plan, weather, gear, emergency response plans, and other considerations are vital to the success of a backcountry adventure. And, in our opinion, so is the food!

There is nothing wrong with a ready-to-go freeze-dried meal from your local outdoor store. They are quick, convenient, and easy. They can also be expensive, bulky, and full of sodium and preservatives that are less than appetizing. Thankfully there are alternatives!

Plastic bags full of colorful dry food.

There are a variety of options for do-it-yourself backpacking meals. These range from assembling ready-to-eat items from your grocer shelves, enhancing ready-to-eat components with custom ingredients, and fully 'from scratch' dehydration at home. Our favorite sites and sources are linked below.

Eat, drink, and backpack happy!

Steel cooking pot with food inside sitting on rocks outdoors

Meals from Ready-Made Components


Scratch Made Do-it-Yourself

Suppliers of Ingredients & Good Stuff

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