Inspiration - All In - A New Ski Film with a Majority of Female Athletes (It Finally Happened!)

We are proud to present our September moment of inspiration. 

The Cascade Mountain Adventures team gets stoked for ski season about this time every year. The seasons are changing, the leaves are starting to fall, and the temperatures are dropping. Snow is right around the corner.

And it has finally happened! For the very first time there is a mainstream, high production, co-ed ski film with more women athletes then men. We couldn’t be more excited!

From one of the athletes:

"We want nothing to do with women in the title. No sparkly, pink rainbows," says pro skier Angel Collinson, who will be featured in the film. "It's a kick-ass ski movie that happens to have more women in it, but it isn't just a women's movie. I like to think of it as the first truly co-ed ski movie, with a more equal girl-to-guy ratio than ever before."

A huge thank you to Matchstick Productions for breaking the glass barrier of ski films.

All In - Matchstick Productions

ALL IN - Matchstick Productions 2018 epic ski film, delivers a first of its kind experience. This concept is spearheaded by a talented group of hard-charging women who wanted to disrupt the male-dominated ski film formula. Skiing isn’t exclusionary. True fun in the mountains can be shared by everyone. This isn’t your typical “Women can shred too” film, this is a kick-ass ski film that just happens to feature as many women as men. Directed by Scott Gaffney, this film will embody the spirit of past Matchstick films with high-action ski segments, stunning imagery and engaging humor. Shot in exotic locations over the course of 2018, ALL IN will excite skiers across the globe. Follow the crew from the lift-accessed terrain of Snowbird to the dreamworlds of Japan and Alaska amplified by a soundtrack that will be on everyone’s ski playlist next year. This film is light on story, high on action and full of fun loving personality. ALL IN is a reference to the commitment the athletes have to their sport while simultaneously alluding to the inclusionary nature of skiing. ALL IN is captured in stunning 4k definition. Shot on location in British Columbia, Alaska, Utah, Washington, Japan and South America. Starring: Angel Collinson, Michelle Parker, Tatum Monod, Elyse Saugstad, Mark Abma, Wiley Miller, Johnny Collinson, and Cody Townsend. Check out all our amazing images from the movie at Preorder now on

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