Inspiration - 77-Year-Old Bronke Sundstrom - Rainier Summit Climb

We are proud to present our August moment of inspiration. 

We believe that women can do anything. There is no limit to what we can achieve with the right support, motivation, and training.

Spend a few minutes with (then) seventy-seven-year-old Bronke Sundstrom. She is living proof that women of all ages have no limits. She is now in her early nineties and still hiking strong in Mt. Rainier National Park. 

77-Year-Old Woman Summit Rainier

In 1949, Bronka Sundstrom and her husband Aki brought their lives to Tacoma WA, from Sweden. A polish survivor of a concentration camp during the war, Bronka found peace in hiking with Aki around Mt. Rainier National Park, and later retired to Ashford at the base of mountain. Her desire to share that love spread as she volunteered on the trails in the park, recognized easily by her usual bright red hiking tights. At age 77 she was and still is the oldest women to have summited the peak. If it weren’t for the mountains, Bronka wouldn’t be the person she is today. The mountains teach us of independence, strength, confidence, and beauty.

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