The Blog is Gone Skiing (But We're Still Here)

You may have noticed that the Cascade Mountain Adventures blog has gone a bit quiet. We’re still here but the blog has gone skiing. The blog will return in February along with some exciting announcements, new partnerships, and new adventures in the year to come. We wish you a safe and magical winter outdoors until we meet again.

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Teresa Hagerty
Winter is Here - Trip Planning in Avalanche Terrain

Winter is here! We’ll soon be frolicking through snow covered meadows, soaking the view of white capped peaks, and skiing fluffy powder. Do you know how to research, trip plan, and safely travel in avalanche terrain? Do you know how to identify avalanche terrain? Do you know how to predict and assess the avalanche risk of current snow conditions? We’ve got the resources you need!

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Why We're Here - Our Mission

We'd like to take a moment to re-introduce ourselves and share why we're here. The Cascade Mountain Adventures team specializes in teaching outdoor skills for women, by women. This includes skills from responsible wilderness trip planning, pitching a tent, filtering water, wildlife safety, clothing layer management, Leave No Trace, and so much more. We also believe that outdoor skills mean so much more.

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