Rating: Beginner


Group Size: 8


Duration: 4 - 5 Hours


Price: $79 /per person


Our introduction to backpacking will give you the skills to confidently plan your own overnight wilderness adventures. This outdoor class will teach you how to choose backpacking destinations, plan your trip, select and use appropriate gear, and pack your overnight backpack. You will learn the essential skills to safely and comfortably manage your backcountry home.



None - This event is for those just getting started in overnight wilderness adventures.

Client Comments

"I learned a lot! The information I received makes me feel more confident to do my first backpacking trip" - Introduction to Backpacking

An outdoor dirt campsite with an orange tent and trees

Why Join Us

This skills session is designed for those just getting started with overnight wilderness adventures. You will learn how to choose a backpacking destination, plan and prepare an itinerary, and safely enjoy your own independent overnight backpacking experience.

Our objectives include connecting you to hiking information sources, reviewing the use of maps, predicting and planning for current conditions, and important safety planning. We will review the appropriate method to pack your backpack, plan daily mileage, and select a camp site. You will learn how to properly pitch your tent, filter water, manage your backcountry kitchen, and safely store food. We will also review the important Leave No Trace wilderness ethics.

Your leader will bring their actual backpacking gear to demonstrate and review in this session. You will also receive a take home packet covering essential planning steps, information resources, and recommended overnight gear lists.


  • Supportive Expert Instruction

  • Small Group Size

  • Interactive Gear Demonstrations

  • Take Home Informational Packet


Not Included

  • Personal Food & Water

  • Transportation To/From the Event

  • Discovery Pass / Park Entry Fees (if Required)


Your group will meet at our outdoor class space. Your leader will review various backpacking destinations in our area, difficulty ratings, and trip planning resources. You will then have an opportunity to plan a potential backpacking trip and review your choices with the group.

Your leader will review the major categories of gear required for a safe and successful overnight wilderness experience. You will review the major categories of gear, cooking techniques, food storage, wildlife safety, clothing, and recommended gear strategies. This will be an interactive experience with actual gear. Your leader will then demonstrate how to pack an overnight backpack and prepare for travel to your campsite location.

Expect to participate in hands-on interactive campsite scenarios and gear demonstrations. These scenarios will include essential strategies of establishing and maintaining a clean and low impact campsite. You will learn essential skills to select a backcountry site, pitch a tent, filter water, manage your backcountry kitchen, and safely store your food. You will also review self-care techniques, wildlife safety, and Leave No Trace wilderness ethics essential to overnight wilderness adventures.

Plan to spend approximately 4-5 hours in an outdoor environment. Wear weather appropriate clothing to be outdoors for the duration of this session.


Spend the day with Cascade Mountain Adventures learning how to become a safe, happy, and confident backpacker

Registration Fee

$79 /per Participant


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